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 auxiliary drives and hydraulic systems

Muncie power take-off

Muncie Power Take-off
Muncie Power Take-off
Muncie Power Take-Off

International manufactutrer of auxiliary drives and hydraulic systems for the commercial vehicle industry. The company was founded in 1935. Today it is active worldwide and provides a large selection of auxiliary drives, particular for ALLISON transmission drives. In addition to the smaller, constantly activated auxiliary drives, the delivery line also has a programme range with load-switchable auxiliary drives for high capacities and torque. Special high-capacity drives for up to 900 Nm torque can be supplied for fire bridage applications.
An in-house innovation created between Muncie and Sterki is the CS40. The auxiliary drive has been completely revised with the goal of meeting the demands required by the market in terms of the transfer capacity.. Thus, approximately 30% higher performance can be achieved compared to the CS12 version.