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DYNASET power generators are directly actuated from the existing hydraulic system.

  • 50 Hz sinus alternating current directly from the existing hydraulic system
  • Power is reliably available at all times
  • Compact dimensions, the drive combusions motor is no longer necessary
  • Integrated hydraulic controller for constant frequency.
  • High operational safety
  • Low-service
  • Anti-theft because built into the vehicle

Various models:

Technical data:

Electronic power is required for many types of work at a construction site. A generator powered by a vehicle hydraulic syste, offers an optimum solution. The generators usually required for combustion engine 
are no longer necessary and a replaced by a compact hydraulic engine. The
generator is installed very compactly and can be installed on practically every

The current created is identical to that from the socket. Therefore all consumers can
be operated. The integrated volume flow value adjusts the speed of the generator independently even with a 
variable engine speed. As a result, a constant output voltage
is guaranteed.

Quiet, vibration free and fault-free operation are additional advantages. The generator is easy to connect to the existing hydraulic system. Two hydraulic lines, pressure and return lines are required. The DYNASET installation valve can be built into the existing hydraulic system.

The generators are available in two IP protecton classes, IP23 and IP54,
hgiher protection classes are available upon request.

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