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Technical data

The DYNASET HDF (HP) high pressure pump
have been especially developed for use in drills. Based on the pressure conversion principle, these pumps have no rotating parts. Oil pressure is converted directly into water pressure using a piston moving back and forth.

Strong and compact
Due to the performance/weight ratio, the HDF (HP)
pump series are ideal for use in drills.

Reliability and long services lives are guaranteed
Forged high-capacity pistons with special anti-wear coating
and self-lubricating pressure gaskets guarantee over 1000
operating hours. 100% dry-run proof, safe-guarding against dry runs
is therefore not required.

Easy to install
The pump is simply connected to the drill hydraulic and the drill emulsion line 
is connected. Neither additional lubrication nor additional cooling is required. The emulsion pressure directly depends on the oil pressure.

Drill emulsions
Due to the anti-weat coating and the chemical resistance of
the HDF pumo, the widest range of drill emulsions can be pumped.
For example: Bentonite/water mixture, polymer-based liquids
and water mixed with foam additives.
Up to 25% solids can be mixed with the pressure water!

Tabelle HDF
Tabelle HDF