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Generate precise electrical power from your engine, regardless of RPM, with DYNAWATT 4000.

DYNAWATT® 4000 Power System with sine wave output is compatible with sophisticated electronic equipment, digital controls, power tools, TV's, video.

Reliable and safe function

The System consits of an engine mounted belt driven generator, a solid state AC power unit and all necessary cabling. A 5 or 10 meter remote control is available as an accessory. The system requires no extra battery power. 

dynawatt unique properties

  • great power, even over 4000 watt
  • frequency independent on engine RPM
  • small in size
  • light in weight
  • maintenance free
  • high quality AC
  • high reliability
  • safe, galvanic separated
  • easy to install and use
  • silent operating

Installation kits available for various diesel and gasoline engines